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Health. Wealth. Happiness

Don't Miss Health, Wealth and Happiness Opportunity!


​Physical Wellbeing that everyone pursues. In order to achieve a healthy life, you can join the HWH membership. Becoming a member gives you an opportunity not only to purchase health products but also invest in our newest health projects. 


In order to maintain a stable life, you need to have a stable income. But not everyone has a solid stable income unless you have a goose that lays the golden eggs every day in your backyard. We are the company that can give you the golden egg that you have been waiting for.


If there is one thing that money cannot buy, it would be happiness. There are so many people who are healthy and wealthy but not happy. HWH will teach you and guide you on how to maintain a happy life. Making people's life happy is our ultimate goal.

Mr. Chan Heng Fai
Founder of HWH

Mr. Chan is a global business expert with over 40 years of experience in banking and finance. He has restructured 35 companies in various industries.

Some of the remarkable companies that he has built, rescued or transformed include American Pacific Bank (USA), China Gas Holdings Limited and Heng Fai Enterprises Limited both (listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong), Global Med Technologies, Inc.(U.S medical software company exited for US$60 million), Singhaiyi Group Ltd (listed on the Singapore Exchange). Mr. Chan is currently the Managing Chairman of HKSE-listed Heng Fai Enterprises Limited and is responsible for its overall business development.

Seeing the outstanding products, rich legacy and unlimited potential of RBC Life, Mr. Chan acquired the company in the fall of 2019. He is deeply committed to ensuring that the legacy of Mr. Howard and the quality of our nutritional products remain intact as he guides us into the future as the signature wellness brand of HWH World.


Our mission

We’re driven by a passion for helping people from all walks of life achieve a balanced and fulfilling life of health, wealth and happiness.

1. The HWH Marketplace community supports people on their health and wellness journey and offers them access to the highest-quality products available today.

2. We teach people the fundamental skills of building wealth — the practice of living on less than you earn and creating a plan for the difference. And for those who are interested in engaging in a gig business to increase their income as an influencer, we teach selling skills and provide a unique business platform that includes access to world-class logistics and high-quality, science-backed products.

3. We champion happiness as a mindset and personal philosophy, and we guide people as they strive to build a life that brings them joy.

our value

  • HONESTY: Being honest and sincere with others is the foundation of authenticity.

  • INTEGRITY: Standing up for your beliefs and values will define your character.

  • IMPECCABLE ETHICAL STANDARDS: Doing the right thing is not complicated; it is expected.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are the key to “increase” in all forms of life. Without relationships, we are limited.

  • RESPECT: As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons

  • DIVERSITY: Diversity is a God-given gift to the planet. Embrace and celebrate it.

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